Fog versus Haze – How to NOT Set Off Fire Alarms

A common misconception is that foggers and hazers are the same thing. While they do both produce a smoke type effect, the similarities end there. Please see below for a chart of comparison for the damaging effects of a fogger versus a hazer.



  • High risk of setting off fire alarms
  • Thicker mist that clumps
  • Dissipates quickly
  • Large particles  – light show is washed out
  • Uses oil to create smoke effect
  • Creates oily residue on everything
  • Produces a strong burning odor
  • Banned in over 40% of venues
  • Uses a heater to create fog. Fog machine can cause burns when accidentally bumped
  • Requires significantly more wattage resulting in reaching the maximum power limits at most venues
  • Throat and lung Irritant
  • Potential to cause allergic reactions
  • Low risk of set off fire alarms
  • Finer mist that is more evenly spread to produce a true fog effect
  • Hangs around longer
  • Smaller particles – makes light shows more effective
  • Uses water to create fog effect
  • No residue
  • Odorless
  • Allowed in almost all venues
  • Uses compressed air to create fog, so no risk of burns
  • Draws significantly less wattage resulting in less problems of reaching power limits at most venues

At Steward’s Productions, we believe in offering the highest quality services while using the best equipment to make your event a success. Because of our high standards in excellence, we will not use foggers for your event.