Dallas/Fort Worth Wedding DJ Services

Steward’s Productions is an experienced upscale mobile entertainment production company that has over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry. We aim to deliver the best upscale Dallas, Fort Worth wedding and reception DJ services. Our primary goal is to provide all our clients with the highest quality services including event planning, hosting, making special announcements, music, lighting, video services, and entertainment

At Steward’s Productions, we create Non-Stop Excitement as your #1 Fort Worth DJ, and Dallas Wedding DJ services. We believe in helping you and your guests build memories that will last for years to come. To ensure your event is one that no one will forget, we do not take breaks, unlike live bands, so your wedding and reception will constantly be popping.

We will work with you to select music that will suit your event. All music used by Steward’s Productions has been legally obtained and can be shared with audiences. You will hear the original songs, sung and/or played, by the original artists from start to finish.

Our Code of Excellence

    • Listen to the needs of our clients
    • Exceed our clients expectations
    • Detailed event planning, preparation and timeline
    • Coordination with other vendors
    • Ensure your event flows smoothly
    • Continually read the crowd to ensure proper song selection
    • Never wear out our welcome over the microphone



Wedding DJ Packages

The Ultimate Wedding DJ/Lighting Package

The Wedding DJ/Nightclub Package

The Basic Wedding DJ Package

Large led Big Screen Display for Video and Picture Playback